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Matching any existing print standard and creating your own print standards using the best practices and methods with Colorsource

Learn here how to normalize, document, and match all CMYK or N-Color print processes:

Matching any existing print standard and creating your own print standards using the best practices and methods with Colorsource. Download the PowerPoint as PDF file:

The complete April 2015 ISO12647-2-3-4-6-7 and G7/IDEAlliance standards summary

Colorsource ISO 12647 CMYK standards summary updated April 2015:

This 69 pages PDF document is summarizing the necessary information:

1) For setting your printing presses matching ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance* standards,

2) For producing your color proofs complying with ISO12647-7 on a simple A3+ EPSON inkjet costing less than 300 US$,

3) For controlling all CMYK color proofs using freeware, according to ISO 12642, ISO 12647-7 or IDEAlliance standards, or by using more relevant techniques,

4) For making optimized ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance (GRACoL & SWOP) color separations,

5) For downloading affordable applications allowing you fast and easy ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or G7/IDEAlliance press settings, with using very affordable and flexible measurement instruments such as Eye-One Pro, EFI ES-1000, EFI ES-2000 or Eye-One Pro2 spectrophotometers,

6) For knowing ISO12647-2:2013 version and understanding the quite useless changes it promotes,

7) For controlling efficiently all PANTONE and other special inks,

8) For updating and enhancing your CMYK ISO or G7/IDEAlliance ICC profiles.

You will find at the end of this PDF document all useful Internet links for downloading additional technical information, the readymade generic CMYK ISO ICC profiles, and the official characterization data allowing you computing your own enhanced CMYK ISO profiles.

 Download Colorsource April 2015 ISO 12647 CMYK standards summary

Our free application for a much better use of all your up-to-date PANTONE digital libraries

Use all your CxFv3 PANTONE digital libraries and spectral data with the best Market software applications, thanks to our free CxF3_to_CGATS utility:

For controlling your PANTONE inks prior to installing them on your printing press, and for controlling your printed PANTONE inks, you need knowing their official spectral reflection curves that are published by PANTONE.

You can download and use today our free CxF3_to_CGATS application that allows you making a much better use of all your PANTONE digital libraries and spectral data. This utility allows you converting all Pantone Color Manager and/or X-Rite Ink Formulation digital libraries from their CxFv3 format to CGATS normalized text files.

CGATS format advantage is that it allows you using your modern PANTONE digital swatch books with the best applications, which are free to use or low cost.

For example you can use now the latest up-to-date PANTONE data:

1) With the excellent i1Share freeware, by replacing their older 2004 PANTONE libraries. i1Share application allows you controlling all PANTONE spectral data you will find on prints and proofs, and on your printed PANTONE swatch books that are not always reliable visually,

2) With the excellent ProfileMaker ColorPicker module in order to convert them to CMYK or to N-Color values with optimal visual accuracy. (i.e. minimal DE2000 visual distance),

3) With our SPOT_Color_Manager v1.5 application for controlling all your PANTONE inks BEFORE you install them on your press.

SPOT_Color_Manager allows you knowing immediately the optimal visual distance you will get with the PANTONE reference color when your ink is printed at best possible density on your stock paper, for the three A, D50 and F11 illuminants, and this before you install your inks on your press.

If SPOT_Color_Manager forecasted visual distance when using one of these three illuminants is too large, this means your PANTONE ink has not been properly formulated, or has not been formulated with taking into account your stock paper characteristics.

So that SPOT_Color_Manager avoids you wasting a lot of time and consumable if you set up this simple ink quality control for all the special inks you buy.

application for finalizing and communicating all your special color printing standards

ICC_Normalize application icon

Finalize, document and communicate easily all your special color printing standards with free ICC_Normalize application:

This free application is an excellent complement to ProfileMaker that we still consider being by far the best software for professional print industries.

ICC_Normalize allows you controlling your 2 to 10 colors density calibrated press characterization spectral measurement files. It is an excellent complement to Colorsource press setting software as well, for all Users who need creating their own print standards (Packaging, high-end publishing, prints on special medias etc.)

For creating each new print standard, the application allows you normalizing the press ICC profile on your ideal standard target TVI curves, and then memorizing all your print standard attached parameters. You can easily archive, publish and communicate each new color printing standard in the form of a single A4 Excel spreadsheet that contains all the technical and quantitative information needed by any print house for matching your standard at each production print run.

Of course the software can use English or French languages for easing your international communications.

All the quantitative data in the published Excel standard specification sheet can easily be used by Colorsource press setting software, for making your production print runs even easier and faster.

CMYK press test form

Free and universal CMYK print test forms for fast and easy setting of all your printing presses:

The 100 x 70 cm CMYK test form can be cropped down to a 70 x 50 cm, or to a 50 x 35 cm test form. The base 50 x 35 cm test form includes all the CMYK charts you need for easily matching all your printing presses to ISO12647-2-3-4-6 or IDEAlliance standards. On the beautiful and colorful theme of Indonesian colors, this CMYK test forms offers you, beyond all technical requirements, a full set of color photography's allowing you full control of your printing and proofing systems. This universal test form is supplemented by two SRA3 CMYK forms for small format presses.

ISO 12647-x :

Measure with white backing or with black backing?

Colorsource brings you the right answers with NUMBERS.

CMYK_100% application icon

All ISO12647-x and IDEAlliance Colorsource press-setting applications have received a FREE upgrade: They are now even faster and more powerful!

Colorsource takes advantage of these upgrades for bringing the ONLY good answer to a question you often ask: Should we measure the print control bar on a black or white background?

ISO12647-x publish their target D50 Lab colors for solid CMYK inks and their superimpositions with Black-Backing measurement (BB), which is a mistake because the colors you measure with Black-Backing strongly depend on the paper opacity and its thickness, and moreover using BB does not match your most frequent viewing conditions when you read.

As a result, almost NOBODY is using these BB target Lab colors in real life: All Fogra and IDEAlliance press characterization files, hence the ISO 12647-x CMYK ICC profiles you use for color separating and proofing, are made with white background measurement (More exactly with Self-Backing measurement said "SB measurement" where you pile a few paper layers). So that the best ISO 12647-x and IDEAlliance target D50 Lab values are SB measurement values.

As a consequence, it is natural - and easier in real life - measuring all your print control bars in SB mode. Nevertheless we have often been asked if the optimal inks print densities computed by Colorsource software can be used as target densities with a press room scanning densitometer or spectrophotometer using BB measurement.

Here is the answer! Your CMYK_100% application can today measure your print control bars with Self-Backing, and then compute and display the colors and densities you would get if measuring with Black-Backing. And vice-versa: The measurement backing conditions are now completely independent from the displayed results backing conditions!

Of course, transposing SB measured values to BB measured values, or vice-versa, is based on making one instant single measurement: Measuring the opacity of your paper!

With testing CMYK_100% application, you will find by yourself that using SB or BB has a strong influence on the measured colors, but little influence on the optimal solid inks densities you have to set for matching ISO12647-x, unless you use a paper with very low opacity.

Colorsource took advantage of these new free upgrades for their Customers, for introducing an optional papers optical brighteners' correction into CMYK_100% and CMYK_Gravure applications.

Because not only the D50 Lab values of your ISO12647-x ICC profiles are based on SB measurements, but also they use optical brighteners corrected values for the paper tint, in order this Lab value matches better the paper tint you actually perceive when strong optical brighteners are present.

As usual with Colorsource, you can save A LOT of money with much faster and better print runs AND by avoiding buying brand new and already completely obsolete press room spectrophotometers that do not do the job: You should use Eye-One Pro, Eye-One Pro2, or EFI ES-1000 or ES-2000, which are perfect tools for all CMYK and N-color printing applications in your press room.


CMYK_Backgrounds application icon

With CMYK_Backgrounds application, optimize your print works on colored or transparent medias, with or without white ink:

CMYK + RGB colors when printing on red substrate with different numbers of white ink layers

To be considered in these difficult times for Print Industries:

Colorsource press setting software allows matching all ISO12647-2-3-4-6 and G7/IDEAlliance targets

Use all Colorsource press-setting software applications for one full week!

It will change your life ;-), for any offset, gravure, or flexographic printing using CMYK or any other ink sets.

You just need using a basic Eye-One Pro, Eye-One Pro2, or EFI ES-1000 or 2000, to get fast and excellent press settings that meet your highest Customers color quality expectations.

Moreover, it will save you A LOT of obsolete or useless equipments, as long as you are maintaining your presses in good mechanical conditions.

Very easy, as long as you follow the applications English or French Users guides!

Choose free Colorsource application for controlling your CMYK proofs and prints

Free CMYK_Print_&_Proof Colorsource application allows you best control of all CMYK proofs:

This application is FREE software and allows you faster, easier and more reliable control of any CMYK proof!

CMYK_Print_and_Proof splash screen


Romain Meffre and Yves Marchand publish their book"Gunkanjima" at Steidl


Cover of "Gunkanjima" book

108 pages | 38 x 29 cm |
4" x 5" negative originals exposed with a photographic chamber.

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