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Colorsource innovative software for Graphic Industries

Colorsource software solutions for Graphic Industries

Discover the innovative and high R.O.I. software we have developed for your business:

The software you need for optimizing your 2 to 10 colors print quality, including matching your CMYK prints to ISO12647-2 (offset), ISO12647-3 (Newspaper), ISO12647-4 (Gravure printing), ISO12647-6 (Flexographic printing) and G7/IDEAlliance (US offset printing) standards.

The software you need for optimizing your working methods and workflow through Design, repro and proof, for your 2 to 10 colors print productions.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress, which replace CMYK_100% and CMYK_Gravure applications since November 2020 with bringing even more impressive productivity and flexibility, can process the 10 nm band CGATS format spectral data measured by all 45/0° scanning spectrophotometers of the Market, such as X-Rite i1Pro family or equivalent EFI ES-x, Konica-Minolta, and Techkon.

Actually, you will experience that today, your print productivity and quality do not depend so much on the model of spectrophotometer you are using, but on the software applications that process your spectral measurements. And this is the job of Colorsource applications.

New:     MagicPress and MagicPrepress now work in Spanish, French and English.

Nuevo:  MagicPress y MagicPrepress ahora funcionan en español, inglés y francés.

List of ISO 12647 CMYK aims for sheet fed offset press
Computing optimal CMYK print densities for matching an ISO 12647 standard, using MagicPress application.

Press setting applications

Free one full week trial for optimizing your solid inks densities and printing forms gravure curves, for all your CMYK and N-Colors print works:

Too many Print Houses are under-equipped for color and density measurement: They still use (and even buy!) obsolete analog CMYK densitometers for press setting and offset plate's control. They often use one single expensive hand-held spectrophotometer with obsolete measurement technology and locked internal software, while using USB connected spectrophotometers with appropriate software allows much better optimization of ALL Graphic Industries prepress and color printing processes, for a much lower cost and with a MUCH higher productivity.

For mastering your N-colors print processes, Colorsource applications are bringing much more powerful and flexible solutions, while being much cheaper today than the most basic CMYK densitometers.

They allow excellent setting of all printing presses, by using, for example, X-Rite Eye-One Pro 1, 2 or 3 or any else 45/0° connected scanning spectrophotometers delivering 10 nm spectral measurement files.


MagicPress application icon

Setting your optimal CMYK print densities for matching ISO12647-2-3-4-6 standards:

MagicPress application: For computing at each press-setting the optimal density of each C, M, Y and K solid ink allowing to match the relevant ISO 12647-2-3-4-6, IDEAlliance, or your own custom C.I.E. Lab target colors, with taking into account the stock inks and paper spectral data.


MagicPrepress application icon

Computing optimal CMYK correction curves for matching ISO12647-2-3-4-6 standards:

MagicPrepress application: For computing the CMYK printing forms correction curves, allowing matching the relevant ISO 12647-2-3-4-6 or IDEAlliance or your own CUSTOM C.I.E. Lab target colors C.I.E. Lab target colors on all CMYK screened tones.

MagicPress and MagicPrepress
N-CLR options


Specifying, optimizing, recording, communicating and matching any N-CLR printing standard with or without a CMYK base

SPOT_Color_Manager application: For helping to the ink formulation, controlling your inks color quality at reception and computing spot colors optimal print density BEFORE you install your inks on your press.

Computing seven optimal print form correction curves for matching a seven colors CMYK + Green + Violet + Orange print standard, using Colorsource MagicPrepress application


Displaying seven optimal print form correction curves for matching a seven colors CMYK + Green + Violet + Orange print standard with custom chosen control points, using Colorsource MagicPrepress application.


SPOT_Color_Manager application icon

Inks color quality control:

SPOT_Color_Manager application: For helping to the ink formulation, controlling your inks color quality at reception and computing spot colors optimal print density BEFORE you install your inks on your press.


PLATE application icon

Calibrating and controlling your lithographic offset plates:

PLATE application: For your CtP calibration, with an excellent accuracy even on self-developing offset plates with high N-factor and very low optical contrast.


Icon of free CMYK_Print_&_Proof control application

Download free Colorsource application for controlling your CMYK Proofs and Prints:

Your free control application allows fast and easy control of all CMYK proofs by using Fogra Media Wedge 2, Fogra Media Wedge 3, Colorsource ISO 12647-7, or IDEAlliance ISO12647-7 2009 control bars.

The ΔE76 visual distance formula used by ISO12647-x standards is no longer used in any serious Industry, because ΔE76 does not measure accurately the perceived color distances by human vision. CMYK_Print_&_Proof allows you controlling your proofs according to ISO12647-7 and G7/IDEAlliance, but also it allows you much more reliable print and proofs quality controls by using ΔE2000 visual distance evaluation.

With using a simple 45/0° spectrophotometer such as Eye-One Pro, Eye-One Pro2, or EFI ES-1000 or EFI ES-2000 connected to free measurement software such as X-Rite MeasureTool, i1Profiler, or ColorPort.


ICC_Profile_Convertor application icon

The ideal and innovative software for optimizing your 2 to 10 colors Design and Repro processes with using all existing Graphic Industries standard low cost software and hardware production tools:

This Colorsource software turns N-Colors Design, Repro, and Proofing works becoming as simple, accurate, fast, and easy as for CMYK jobs.

A must for packaging and high-end color printing Industry!

At least for the ones who don't like heavy, complex, unproductive, and ruinous solutions. Yes, there are now a few ones among Print Buyers and Print Producers ;-))


CMYK_Backgrounds application icon

With CMYK_Backgrounds application, optimize your print works on colored or transparent medias, with or without white ink:

CMYK + RGB colors when printing on red substrate with different numbers of white ink layers

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